Saturday, 24 March 2012

HSG Experience

It seems that I didn't share my experience on HSG.

hysterosalpingogram is an X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes which allows visualization of the inside of the uterus and tubes. 

I was referred to Daya Specialist Centre in Bangunan DBKL by Klinik Dr Hamid Arshad. One tip from me is to come early, that is try to be the first patient. If not, it will be a long wait and more er...gelabah.

The clinic open at 8.30am everyday and please make appointment beforehand.  We reached there at 8.05am! Parked at Metro Parking next to DBKL's building.

Waited until 8.20am and the staff was kind enough to let us in. The procedure will start at 9.00am. The doctor in-charge was Dato' Dr Mohan Singh.

Your name will be called and you will asked to change in the robe. You have to strip all of your clothes ie naked. Then you will asked to lie down on the x-ray table. No worries sebab table dia besar *wink*.

Okay..this was the moment my heart went *THUMP*  *THUMP* very fast. Nebes giler. But then I started to recite Nabi Yunus's du'a.


Alhamdulillah, the gelabahness subsided and I was kind of ready. Eventhough the doctor is a male, there was 3 female nurses helping him.

You have to open your thigh, the wider the better. I don't know what happened as I couldn't see anything beyond my stomach. A bit uncomfortable but bearable. I think reciting the du'a helps a lot in relaxing me. If you didn't relax, it will hurt, trust me. So relax okay?

You can see the dye enters your cervix and fallopian tubes. Then you will be asked to turn to your left and right side just so to help the dye moves to the tubes.

X-ray will be snapped and then you are finished. Huh lega..

The senior nurse will give you a pad to wear and MC for you. Change into your clothes and wait at the waiting area to receive the X-ray and make payment. You will be charged RM190.00 for the X-ray and MC. No consultation given as for me, Dr Aimy will reveal the result.

I called Klinik Dr Hamid and was asked to go straight to their clinic for review. Alhamdulillah, both tubes weren't blocked. And after lunch, take the painkiller given to ease the cramp.


  1. YAY! alhamdulillah!
    aduhhh murah nye u hSG was charged hampir 700!!! warghhh tapi takpe la dah my doc punye clinic takde the hSG machine and dia cuma bole bwk ke SJMC. jadi redho je la -___-

  2. JayFarhana,

    RM700? Wow so expensive.