Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Year of Business

This year, we already spent more than RM20,000.00 for the sake of our business. Splurge it on education. Not formal though, more on training.

What we attend was crucial for our workshop. For those who don't know, we are entrepreneurs involved in workshop, specifically for cars. We deals with cars that met with accidents. But our part is mainly on mechanic. Yang ketuk and cat tu our partner.

In three years, we have travelled to ups and downs of our business. From a lone ranger, now we already have 2 mechanics. But our business seems to be stuck to that level. We want more. Why? So we can help more people from the profits that we made. we want to do more charity works, we want more so we can give it to our parents etc.

When we saw adverts in Harian Metro, terus register for free seminars and that was in January 2012. It was a big step for us as it made us a better person. More positive thinker, more self-assured, more confident and we know more of our potentials.  We signed up for advance class and platinum courses for both of us. Sama-sama belajar dan mengajar.

At first, it was more of support for my husband. Tapi lepas tu dah hooked dah. Mingling with millionaires who doesn't mind the volunteer works made me realized one thing, that is the more I give, the more I will get. And I never sign-up for volunteering work in my life, but after I went to these seminars, I understand that the wealth is actually a loan to us. Because we need to distribute it to those yang lebih berhak. That's why Islam suruh kita sentiasa bersedekah dan berzakat.

So, sambil ber TTC, sambil belajar dan mempraktikkan apa yang dipelajari.

And so readers, kalau ada apa-apa yang kami boleh bantu berkaitan kereta anda, do not hesitate to email me at tryingtoconceive2012@gmail.com. It is free advice, of course. It is ok if you just want to seek advice about your car.

Kepakaran kami adalah dalam membantu anda menyelenggara kereta secara berkala (periodic) dan khidmat nasihat percuma kepada semua pemilik dan pemandu kereta.

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