Friday, 30 December 2011

Entry 1: Starting the journey

We have been married for five years. Started TTC in the second year of our married life as the first was dedicated as honeymoon year.

We tried naturally but still couldn't conceive. So I searched for O&G doctors not knowing O&G and infertility is totally different. Haha silly me.

But then again, maybe because I want a lady doctor, so I ignore that fact. Did you know that most infertility doctors are male? As a muslim, I tried to avoid dealing with male doctors. I'll try to search for lady doctor first, if unavailable then only I will go to male doctors.

In 2008, I went to DEMC@Seksyen 9 to meet up Dr Norleen, a soft-spoken and sweet lady. She did ultrasound to figure out my problem. But she didn't detect any problem except my irregular period. So she gave me Metformin and clomid to regular my period.

After 6 months, she wanted to referred me to Dr Zamri, but as I said, I don't want male doctor. So I stopped seeing her.

So 2009 I started traditional  method pulak. Went for urut, drank delima muda yg sangat pahit, sengkak rahim whatnots yang sangat painful. Then while in the treatment, I left valuable sentimental things at her house and I lost it. I didn't accused her but it left me devastated. So I stopped going to her house.

But in October 2009, my colleague told me her schoolmate is a doctor and she told her about me, so the doctor wanted to help me. After discussing it with my husband, Mr R said 'Just try it' eventhough it is quite far from our house. We are in Shah Alam and the clinic is in Kajang. But we, as in husband and I, agreed to try everything that is affordable and proven.

The meeting she took particulars like weight, height, blood pressure etc. Drew some blood from us and gave us supplemen. For me, she gave me Reductil, a subutramine design to help to curb the need to eat. It will tell the brain that you are full so you will eat less and loose weight. But I can't stand the side effects such as dry mouth, imsomnia, headache. The first consultation left us with more than RM1,000.00 empty in the pocket. This include blood test, sperm count test, hep B shot, supplement.

We went for 5 months kot...but in the end, distance and time was our enemy. What I like about this course was the supplement she provided, especially for Mr R. Tapi mahal! 1 month comsumption for this herbal pill is RM400.00. Fuhh..

In 2011, tried to discuss about treatments, whether alternative method or scientific method, but my husband macam tak interested. Or maybe he was busy, even went to work on Sundays.