Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wishlist 2013

Wow. 18 days to new year. And this is the right time to review your 2012 wishlist and listing new resolution for 2013.

My wishlist for 2013 will start with 'Will Conceive in 2013". It seems that the way I listed my resolution is not correct. I should have projected it the way I want it.

It has to be CLEAR and SPECIFIC to the dot. It is like when you wish for a cake. It is very general, isn't it? If you were given a banana cake, you have to receive it, because..well you asked for it.

No no no, I asked for a chocolate moist cake. You will said it if it is not what you want. But, ponder for a while, what actually did I ask? I asked for a cake. Tak spesifik kan?

It is the same with doa and wishlist. Meste JELAS dan SPESIFIK.

Now, my 2013 Wishlists is:-

a) Health Pregnancy and Deliver a baby boy yang sempurna, bijak dan bertaqwa.
b) Rahim Auto memiliki 1 unit kedai pejabat di Jalan Suria dengan sewa bernilai RM3,000.00
c) Monthly side income from Auralife RM3,000.00.