Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hikmah lagi..

I went to a spa for my massage/scrub/jacuzzi treat. And for the first time in my life, the appointment was set at 10.00pm. Yes...MALAM. It was because of their promotion and it was huge success.

Ask husband and he said he was okay with the time. 'But it will be 2 hours waiting period tau" I told him. "Takpe, nanti I tidur la kalau ngantuk."

But he didn't even moved from the couch sebab ada anjing kat reception area tu. Hahaha takut eh..

While massaging me, the masseuse ask me whether I am married and when I said yes, she asked me about children. I told her I am trying to conceive and have been married for nearly 6 years.

She told me "Wah patutlah puan senang nak datang waktu malam begini. Saya pun sudah 19 tahun kahwin tapi nggak ada anak. Hanya ada anak angkat saja".

And I smiled.

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  1. mmg byk hikmah yg terselindung disebalik kepahitan yg kita lalui..