Tuesday, 24 March 2015



It was not the perfect time for me to get pregnant. Aunt Flow came on last Saturday while I have none of the menstrual pad. Luckily there was one in my handbag.

Since my husband used the car to work, I bravely asked him to buy me the pads. And surprisingly he said YES! Dahlah beli kat Petron. hihi.

Libresse takde stok, so he bought for Kotex non-wing Night Pads. Because I forgot to ask him to search for wing pads.

Tapi tak bestlah Kotex. In my second day of menses, I have to change my pad every 2 hours. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, it is the telling signal I need to change it.

Actually, Kotex ni a bit shorter in size. So easily full to the brim. With Libresse, for second day, 1 pad can last for 3.5 hours until I feel uncomfortable.

Dahlah second day tu we all balik kampung. My father-in-law was admitted to hospital due to ashtma, so memang kena balik la. Nasib baik pergi visit him in afternoon session that starts from 4.30pm.

It was er... messy la kan. And after visiting, husband decided to travel back to KL. Sekejap je kat hospital but I ended up changing it twice.

So, after this Kotex will be off listed in my list of pads. There's Libresse and er... Oh only Libresse.

The best menstrual pad so far for me.

Anyway, couldn't wait for fertile window. Hihi.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hello 2015

Wow. It has been more than a year I didn't write anything in this blog.

In fact, tried 3 times to get the password correct! Haha.

To those who email me and did not any response, this is why I didn't reply.
And it has been almost 6 months I didn't contact the makcik urut. *sigh. My bad, I know.

Nope, I am still trying to conceive. I tried HABBATUS SAUDA. It is in a capsule. First tried the oil ones. The difficulty to get it, (read : Lazy), makes me tried the black seed itself.

Oh, did you know, Habbatus Sauda is actually black seed? Silly me, I didn't know it.

I took it for three months in a row starting end of October 2014.

The first side effect was badan panas. I read about it. It was just to inform you that the blackseed is working in your body. Melancarkan darah. So that's why you will feel a little bit of heaty body.

The remedy is just take more fluids. That is more water. And really, you should drink water according to your weight. The heavier you are, the more fluids needed by your body.

Then on 4th November 2015, my menses came. And my oh my, banyak giler on the second day. Bayangkan, I have to change the pad for every 2 to 3 hours. And also berketul-ketul. That's why kena tukar cepat. Memang kerja I ni banyak duduk depan komputer. So everytime bangun, memang banyak la. Kena cepat-cepat pergi toilet.

Second month pun sama jugak. Sampai I minta MC because I have a meeting to attend. And you knowlah meeting, sitting down aje for 3-4 hours. Memang confirm bocorlah.

Third month, my menses datang tanpa tanda. That means, no bloating, no PMS, only moody aje. And I didn't even prepare to have my menses masa I seminar kat Langkawi. Kelakar gila. And it was really on the dot. Exactly 30 days. Alhamdulillah.


For February 2015, I belum period lagi. Anddddddd, I was hoping I am pregnant. Takut nak check UPT. As of today, 18 days late according to My Calender.

Kindly pray for me to mengandung right now.

Perubahan ketara ialah I tak suka masak. Malas menjadi-jadi.

Ya Allah, perkenankanlah doaku.