Monday, 9 May 2016

14 Months

14 months in absence.

What made me wanna write again?

I sakit hati when my colleagues discussing about 'how to be a sharp shooter on your first night'. Yeah you heard *or rather read* it right.

Kadang I secretly wish that at least one of them placed in my shoes.

But then, I saw the book that I bought last month from but haven't had the heart to read it.


Jika Tiada, 
Bersangka Baiklah Dengan Allah

Simple, yet very powerful.

I flipped through, as per my usual scanning reading method and found a page that really capture my eyes and my heart.

So, do not despair. Allah knows what's best for us, even though we think it is best for us.

One question I find intriguing is WHY WE WANT A CHILD?



  1. Mrs ARK, one of the reason why i has yet exploring the adoption route. Because I believe there is a reason why I still don't have a child. Takut juga kan nk ambil tanggungjawab berat tu... Indeed, Allah knows better...

    1. Yeah, so true.

      I believe that, if Allah destined any one of us to be blessed with a child (adoptive), we will easily get the child.

      But until now, we didn't even get the chance of knowing a person yang nak give away their child. In the end, kita kena redha dan believe Allah knows what is best for us, kan?

  2. Mrs ARK, I also agree with Sweet Tooth..I want child but I am afraid of myself, "do I will become a good mother"..

    Allah Knows Best..

  3. mohon izin untuk share foto ini di FB saya (Lina Masri)